Estate Vineyard

Over millions of years, through wind and rain events, stones and gravel from the surrounding hillsides have washed down to create the well-drained alluvial soils of the Revana Estate Vineyard. Read more

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The Revana Estate vineyard is located in St. Helena, an ideal spot for growing Cabernet Sauvignon. This northern part of Napa is a narrow stretch of the valley framed by the Mayacamas and Vaca mountains. Each year, hillside erosion from the surrounding mountains provides a constant supply of gravel and soil resulting in the deep, well-drained soils that make up the Revana Estate.

This section of the upper valley also benefits from more moderate temperatures, a combination of warm days and cool nights, without the foggy mornings found in the lower valley or the extreme heat of Calistoga to the north. The balanced climate provides perfect growing conditions for Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Revana Estate vineyard was planted by our vineyard manager, Jim Barbour in 1998. It is comprised of nine separate blocks totaling nine acres. The vineyard blocks have different soil characteristics and are planted with a carefully selected array of rootstocks matched to each block’s soil type. To preserve the unique qualities of the blocks, they are farmed and vinified separately. A combination of close spacing, deep gravelly soils and exacting farming, guarantees low yields and rich, concentrated grapes.