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October 10, 2011 | vineyards | Revana Vineyard

Earthly Delights in Oregon

The new 20 foot long tasting bar with a layered soil display running its entire length is an incredible introduction to Alexana Winery’s 80-acre property. Vineyard Manager, Evan Bellingar, a soil aficionado and grape-growing master, spent the morning educating the Alexana team about the vineyard practices. Here’s what we learned:

Located in the Dundee Hills appellation of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, this appellation is marked by a number of unique geographic elements that make it unlike any other grape growing site in the world. Located between 360 and 640 feet above sea level, the site has eighteen soil types spread over a combination of rolling hills, steep slopes and rugged terrain. Evan took five of these very distinctive soil types to use for the Tasting Room display: Marine Sedimentary, Clay Loam, Clay, Jory and Organic Matter. Pinot Noir is very expressive of terroir and, as a result of the differing soil types in the vineyard, the Alexana Pinot Noirs are complex, mysterious and seductive.

Using the Alexana Winery’s LIVE (Low Input Viticulture and Enology) standards of sustainable viticulture, the vineyards are dry farmed meaning that no irrigation is used. Grapevines that are dry farmed develop deeper roots, have a slightly different cell structure and can produce better, more complex fruit and, therefore, better wines. The roots are forced to burrow deep into the earth for nourishment, allowing them to pick up intriguing minerality in the process. In the end, the wines are more distinctive and more representative of their respective terroir.

In the winter, Evan plants cover crops such as Vech, Legumes and Clover to deliver nutrients to the grapevines. Cover crops draw any abundant moisture from the soil and help to reduce the vigor of the vines. Evan and his crew also use Vertical Shoot Positioning (VSP), a training system used in conjunction with Guyot that encourages better airflow through the vine. All of the shoots are trained to grow vertically and the increased airflow helps to prevent problems associated with disease, allowing the fruit to dry out quickly after rains (particularly appropriate in Oregon’s wet winters). VSP also exposes the grapes to the sun earlier in the season, encouraging them to ripen more evenly within the bunch.

The vineyards are hand-farmed, a laborious process ideal for the delicate-skinned Pinot Noir grapes where mechanized farming would be too aggressive. The vines are meticulously pruned, trimmed, thinned and picked by hand to emphasis the quality of the fruit. In the end, the grapes and the wines that they produce are a perfect blend of science, passion and artistry. Raise a glass and enjoy!


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kadoo tori's Gravatar
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pearl lthomas's Gravatar
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ishq vishq's Gravatar
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anaharley's Gravatar
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bahu balii1's Gravatar
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dil wale2's Gravatar
dil wale2
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donna moral's Gravatar
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shozi malik1
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hamna butt1
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Testo Roar
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Wayne Jamison
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Ageless Illusion
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William Jackson
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Techniques to Build Muscle tissue Soon after Weight-loss
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Ageless Alpha
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Jammy Harry
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Good exercise may be the bench dip this really is where you hold yourself up using your hands for a passing fancy bench in addition to resting your current feet in another bench it is a little bit such as doing push ups make sure you your own arms are generally straight also get a person to put weights in your lap along with balance them consequently they don't fall when you might be ready down your own body until you utilize ones arms parallel towards the Ageless Alpha ground subsequently lift yourself up keep doing that until you happen to be tired subsequently get your own partner to be able to remove a good the strain plate keep going in the same way long as an individual can one important thing that you should dois in order to rest following a great workout session therefore this the body can build itself whether or not anyone do not allow your.

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heera babu1
@ Dec 29, 2015 at 8:52 PM
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chura haji
@ Dec 30, 2015 at 9:06 PM
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jind mahi10
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laura Iverson
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Rendyortion's Gravatar
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sheliasease's Gravatar
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nancyhull's Gravatar
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shoki shah's Gravatar
shoki shah
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lasho pasho1's Gravatar
lasho pasho1
@ Jan 25, 2016 at 9:11 PM
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jago bhago's Gravatar
jago bhago
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JUVACELL's Gravatar
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good luck10's Gravatar
good luck10
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rita cardic's Gravatar
rita cardic
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choki puli's Gravatar
choki puli
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choki puli's Gravatar
choki puli
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kethi rite's Gravatar
kethi rite
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jezny liza's Gravatar
jezny liza
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gungoo wata's Gravatar
gungoo wata
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jizna necy's Gravatar
jizna necy
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shezuka sin's Gravatar
shezuka sin
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